Kummer's Vintage Instruments 

Buying and selling guitars and other musical instruments since 1973, but curious since my first record, Traveling Man with James Burton's Telecaster and fluid lines. My formal education began at Guitar Trader in Red Bank NJ with an inventory not possible in todays shops. I've always had a good appetite for all brands and lesser-known models. Today everyone knows them, but I can remember not paying much for Gretsch, Danelectro, Mosrite, Messenger  and others. 
We specialized in 50's Les Pauls, Pre-CBS  Fenders, Martin and Gibson Flattops from the golden era. Always Beatle's era Rickenbackers and Hofner Basses and guitars.  
Our inventory these days covers everything from pre-war acoustics to mid-1960's Fender and Gibson solidbodies and everything in between. If you're looking for something you don't see in our inventory, please contact us and we'll keep you on file for one. Many items never make the inventory list as we notify our want file people first. If it's rare, it will likely be sold that way.
We also do collection management, as many of our long time customers have large collections and may find it time for an exit strategy. Don't underestimate how you may devalue a piece by selling it at the wrong moment. Contact us, no collection is too small to consider.
If you have any questions about a guitar feel free to call, 8am-6pm Mon. thru Sat.

- Timm Kummer

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